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In large towns and seaports to meet the needs of travelers were constructed of. Trade travel has already existed since the beginning of civilization.

The Europeans tried to trade goals to open the sea route to India and thus America was discovered and partially explored Africa. Traveling the world, wandering players and minstrels made his life. The original nature of the coast takes long weary Europeans and heal their tired body and soul. The nature of Thailand amazing at all times of the year.

The Napoleonic wars forced almost to abandon travel for about 30 years, which led to partial loss of the tradition of the Grand Tours. So, go ahead and click on your camera stunning animals. Good heat in Thailand there is no winter, and Hiking will be a real pleasure.. The highest and greatest of all is mount Fuji, which is almost every year accomplishes the ascent of more than half a million people. Tokyo the heart of Japan. The herds are constantly in motion, as soon as the newborn calves begin to run, the herd continues moving on. Such a property of the Thai climate, but this is not always a Sunny weather.

Besides, this is the best place for observing the migration to the South of zebras and wildebeest. There are many types of safaris to suit every taste and budget. They usually live in different groups of animals. Food in Thailand is no problem – on the coast a large number of cafes and bars that almost any time will offer You dishes of seafood. At night in the resorts of Thailand open disco, bars with variety of drinks and amazing fiery show. All the tourists coming to Japan, primarily to visit the capital of this amazing country - Tokyo. In Thailand highlight the hot season, the dry season and the rainy season.

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